Athena Crack Intro - Power of Sound

Новое м е г ААА д е м о готово на 60%


HEY-YA !!! IT SEEMS THAT U HAVE ENOUGHF TAKTS 2 C US IN THIS SCROLLER. HELLO OFCOZ ! my budem perwymi ! my hotim takve peredatx priwet gorq~o nami l`bimym kowboqm iz 'ATLANIC GROUP' teperx kowboi ATLANTIC mogut ostawatxsq w sedle kruglye sutki i ~uwstwowatx sebq legko i swobodno w l`boj denx ! OK ! MAY BE MY BANK - stanx bolx{im !             nu a teperx w |tom SCROLLE q napi{u, ~to my uve wypustili i ~to movno ovidatx w blivaj{em budu}em. itak, nedawno wy{li w swet sledu`}ie programmy: 'TEENAGE MUTANTS HERO TURTLES 2' + 5 SCENES, +FINAL CUT, 48/128K (12 MUSIC IN GAME), 'GEMINI WING' +7 LEVELS, +FINAL CUT 48/128K, 'P-47 THE FREEDOM FIGHTER' +8 LEVELS (FULLY RESTORED), 'BACK TO THE FUTURE 3' +7 LEVELS, +FINAL CUT 128K, 'SIRWOODS COLLECTION' (FULLY RESTORED),'BOBO' +5 LEVELS 48/128K, 'WONDER BOY' +4 LEVELS 48/128K, GOLDEN AXE +5 LEVELS, +FINAL CUT 48/128K AND MANY OTHERS.               COMING SOON: 'INDIANA JONES 2' + LEVELS 48/128, 'CAPITAN FIZZ' 48/128K, GAMES BY 'POWER OF SOUND': 'SCHLACHT' 128K, 'HARD DAYS NIGHT' 128K AND MANY, MANY OTHERS.                                   SOME CREDITZ AT THE END OF MESSAGE: THIS IS PRETTY FAST REALIZE OF JUMPING SCROLLER BY PHANTOM LTD/POS/PCCC, GAME DISKED BY SYSOP/POS/PCCC. SCROLLER RULEZ 4EVER - READ AGAIN >                                                                 1.INFINITE ENERGY....NOP 2.INFINITE LIVES.....NOP 3.INFINITE TIME......NOP 0.START GAME.........NOP 'ENTER' - TOGGLE OPTIONS .NOP .YEP LOADING GAME... 
Новое м е г ААА д е м о готово на 60%



Новое м е г ААА д е м о готово на 60%