Prison Riot Crack Intro - Overmaster



HELLO EVERYBODY !!!   OVERMASTER PRESENTS: +++ PRISON RIOT +++   48/128K.   DISKED, PACKED, RESTORED & 48K VERSION REALIZED BY ME ON 18.11.1993.   PRESS KEYS 1-3 (^^^) FOR SELECT TYPE OF GAME !   NOW HELLO TO KHARKOV HACKERS: MAX IWAMOTO (THANKS FOR CASSETTE VERSION OF THIS GAME), RST7, KLAV, HOME (PROGRAM'S) SOFT, TORNADO, (RESEARCH) SOFT, VAG, AND OTHERS.   RUSSIAN HACKERS: KULIKOV DMITRIY, SOFTSTAR, S. BITMAN & I. BYTEMAN, PAVEL NIKITIN, EUGENE KOPROV (AMIGA IS THE BEST !!!), LAPTEV, DJS, MISOFT, ETC ...   THIS MUSIC WHICH YOU HEAR NOW WAS TAKEN FROM GAME "HARD DRIVIN'".                  MESSAGE END ...                    GOOD BYE !                      P.S. MY PHONE IN KHARKOV: (0572) 439-592.                        P.P.S. SCROLLERS, FONTS AND OTHERS EFFECTS WRITTEN BY OVERMASTER.   GRAPHICS BY MAX IWAMOTO.                        BYE !                    BYE !!                      BYE !!!                                                           я             DISK LOADER BY OVERMASTER'93                                                                      ыSELECT GAME TYPE:         -----------------        1 - INFINITE LIVES        LLA ETINIFNI - 2        3 - NORMAL GAME