Adam Bazaroff Gift - Speccy Bar


I wish you good luck in life! More opportunity to create interesting things, and of course cool new prods! (errorsoft) happy birthday!!! kazan forever!!! we need more bk demos from you smile (tmk) Alles gute zum Geburtstag, Freund! Ich WГјnsche, dass alles immer gelungen ist, dass alles in deinem Leben war schГ¶n, schick und cool. Und ich WГјnsche Ihnen gute Gesundheit, starkes Selbstvertrauen, grosse Begeisterung, geniale Ideen in Ihrem Kopf und rechtfertigen alle-alle Ihre Erwartungen. (Fatal Snipe) Happy birthday Adam, be healthy and happy, always be calm, reasonable as you are now. I wish your CAFe 2021 demoparty should become the best demo party in the world, cooler than Revision. And Kazan will become the capital of the World demoscene. BK rulezzz forever. (Dart/FNM) Woow-wow!   Palehche!!!  Hello, Adamych - The most seriously man from Tatarstan! smile  Yeaah!!  Let me speak from my heart in ...inglesh smile    So, I wish you - Be strong, be healt, be happy, be scene ... and of coz be CAFE !    - Happy Birthday, dude! - (sandrowski)


Гифт переписал заного под трд сам тибох!