Forgotten Worlds Crack Intro - Hacker VBI


HELLO FOR EVERYBODY !!! I (HACKER VBI) PRESENTED  MY NEW DISK VERSION - "FORGOTTEN WORLDS". This game i examine 28.10.1993 and do working version 8.11.1993 in 00:52 . I WISH SAY FEW WORDS FOR ALL HACKERS ! HELLO , MY FRIEND ICE ! In your "TOOBIN" 48/128 you write any folly for my. I grievance .        ANDY CHERNIKOV ! TESTING YOUR VERSIONS !!! DUPANOV - FROST and HAMMER !      NICOLAS RODIONOV - GREAT MAN !    l*f*a (fit man, you not have wit! Your "protectors" i have with ANTI-PROTECT PROGRAM!) - small CRACKPOT !   GREETINGS FOR ALL LOVERS OF SPECCY (ANY VERSIONS) !!! We (VBI & ICE) work good games : HARRIER ATTACK (with music for AY-CHIP and save best scores!), ZOLYX (with save high scores for all type game), SUPER SCRAMBLE SIMULATOR (i love GREMLIN !!!) 48/128 (with save best score and time (!)), NIGEL MANSELLS GRAND PRIX (i do full disk versions (!)), Brain Sport (full disk version), DRAGON NINJA ,Toobin !(restore version by ICE ), GOLDEN TOWN (music demos by HACKER VBI (10 music)), PARIS-DAKAR (+levels), **PSD** (+levels), and others game with levels (or not). Good luck, gamers ! PRESS ANY KEY TO START . MY ADRESS: KANEW town, Koshevogo st.,11/51,Volodya


опа, вибийяц с ксорками!

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