Tarzan Crack Intro


Привет из  Ярославля !!!          Priwet iz  Qroslawlq !!!             I present for you new disk version of the game  < TARZAN > .  This loader was written  13.05.1994 (Friday).                        The time for HELLOs & FUCKs .                          Best wishes to Wagin SA[A (Thanks for videomovies),       Lebedew ALEKSEI (Where are you and your progs) ,      i , koneчno ve , priwet Lehe Burowu ( Many programmers' having need of some common computation makes it reasonable to have a routine to do these widely used operations.,  Q DUMA@, TY MENQ PONQL ! )                     Big fuck to : DlN,BARS,SUNNY TRAM,DRYN  for your fuckin' 'BASIC' disk versions    .              END  OF  MESSAGE .   BYE !!! BYE !!!    >>>>>                       PRESS  SPACE KEY                                   STRIKE   SPACE   KEY                             HIT   SPACE KEY,PLEASE