Gold Fond Demoscene - AAA







1 запилятор это божие наказание. Чтобы в нем что то сделать надо затрахаться вкрай. Но для острого фака самое то. На этот раз ударил в самое сердце хайпа - жополизство.


давно пора этим пидоркам хуем по губам поводить.

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emook25.01.2021 22:42
Stole my tune, no credits, no approval to use in this.
kowalski25.01.2021 23:44
Welcome to the club smile
Anyway, the guy seems to be in jail now, so maybe he already got the point.
moroz199926.01.2021 00:56
Even though my relationship with Alexey is far from perfect, I hope that he is not really in jail. He has also used a lot of my graphics for making fucks for me, but that's ok and even kinda funny. All my work is strictly open-licensed, so I don't mind.
kowalski26.01.2021 01:20
I still can't decide if he's a psycho or maybe a trolling deity.
However, I wouldn't want him in jail either.
moroz199926.01.2021 00:39
That's a usual problem in demoscene. Most of all, the music and graphics have been used to send "fucks" to author's enemies.
I'm currently working on a solution for this kind of demoscene "spam": all the software in categories would be sorted by it's rating, so all the trash by default would effectively be kept somewhere in the end of the list. I'm against censorship on a quality base: if it's legal by law, then let it be.

From the other side: I personally really like your version of the "Lemon tree", but how do you know that Peter Freudenthaler or Volker Hinkel wouldn't think exactly the same about your work? Except that you've credited them appropriately, there is no guarantee for any cover version that original author wouldn't tell that he's given no approval for such usage.
My point is that the demoscene is often all about free synthesis of other people's efforts, even if it sometimes leads to such a shitload as this "demo".

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